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Discussion on: Automating CI with a Cloud Platform and GitHub Integration

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Javier Aguirre

Hi! Thank you very much for the article! We use heroku for almost all of our projects, really love it!

Is there a way to deploy from github only when a release is created? I believe it’s only possible to select a branch from the github integration in heroku, but we only release to production when creating tags.

Thank you!

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John Bennett Author

Hi Javier,

Great question. Review apps can only be triggered by branches, not by tags. What that means is that if they build a pipeline that orchestrates branches and tags to work together, they can have a tagged branch be auto-deployed to a review app and it can work with whatever their current tag + release system is. But that's a bit of a complex solution, so the pragmatic answer is probably closer to: you can use review apps to test things before you merge them, but you'll still need to tag them for prod if deployments are based on GitHub's releases system.

Hope this answer is helpful.