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The Importance of Research

I hate to admit it but I actually did no research when writing my JavaScript v TypeScript article πŸ˜₯.

While I try not to live in regret, I do not want to do this again. That is why I am writing this article.

Research is important ❗. Without it, although you may have some correct information, other info you put in may be inaccurate. This is not good to put in any blog post, article, tutorial or video.

Research can be done through the web 🌐, through reading πŸ“– and other ways as well. Always try to do research before you make any content to make sure that any information there is correct.

I think I'll end it here today and I just want to apologise to those people who read my JS v TS article with false information in it. It is my fault πŸ˜”.

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What was not true in article?

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JavaCode7 Author

Quite a few things, actually. I said that public and private were non-existent in JS when they can be implemented. I said that TS had no Game Engine support when it does. And apparently deno is going to make TS execute the same way JS does.