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Discussion on: Are we pretentious and arrogant?

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Juha Autero

I have been wrestling with bad code and started to wonder if the toxicity of our business has a lot to do with code that has lots of technical debt. Lot of us are working with code that acts like abusive partner. You don't understand why it behaves like it behaves. Your life is like walking on eggshells because it might explode for tiniest of reasons. It is uncommunicative and cannot be reasoned with. That is bound to have an effect on you that you then take on other people. If you spend lot of time fighting with code, no wonder all your conversations turn into arguments.

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Nadya Primak

Yeah when I have worked in companies that have terrible code I get a lot more frustrated, but I also do not take it out on random strangers on the internet. I guess I can see how dealing with bad code can make a developer feel insecure so they go online to pick on other peoples code in order to make themselves feel like they still "got skills." Still I think its more of an ego problem than anything else.