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Writer's Block: I don't know how to write anymore

My last blog post was this article, "6 Java language resources to get you started" also in July 2020, was published over 4 months ago. In just the few of months between "officially" starting my job search in May and that last blog post, I went from publishing a weekly post every Tuesday or Wednesday to every 2 weeks to nothing for 4 months.

It's not that I don't want to write- (the multiple drafts in my dashboard would beg to differ). I just don't know what to write that other people will find helpful.

I started this blog to chronicle my journey to becoming a software developer, while sharing the tools and resources that worked for me. Because I was primarily focused on mastering JavaScript, most of my posts revolved around JavaScript. It was fun because I could look back and see my progress. Each day built on the day before and I had an overarching "post-bootcamp master schedule to keep me on track.

But then I started learning Java for a really exciting role; so I switched to blogging about Java. The next role required visual basic; so I switched to that for 2-3 weeks. Then it was React and now it's C#.

In between the Java role and the React role, I applied to the Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program. Surprisingly, I made it through the interviews and started end August 2020. That's where the C# came in.

The past few months have been incredibly difficult, exciting, thrilling and every bit the rollercoaster. Learning .Net has been a completely different challenge than learning Ruby and JavaScript. Unlike every .Net blogger in the space, I don't have the decades of experience or knowledge to refer to. Everything is knew.

Even the things that seem familiar at first glance i.e. XAML are new. So I doubt myself. This isn't imposter syndrome but uncertainty. Every sentence of those draft articles reeks of uncertainty. Publishing them would feel like a case of the blind leading the blind.

But there is a need for more .Net content. For every 100 engaging JavaScript content creator, there seems to be a single C# creator, but with 20 years of experience. Clearly I'm rambling at this point. But maybe this article is just the kick I need to start posting again. Let's see.

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You can do a Simple project and break it explaining what [like javascript]>>>what a . Is and how it function in javascript, why Arrays are special objects, how to use them, how to use the language & how to get creative with it ........many beginners struggle with how to use the language and where to use this & that ((at first I struggled with knowing why we use loops and functions in javascript I had to dig and view other people's code to understand what's going on))