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Options, options everywhere

More recently, I've been wondering if the best thing would be to quit my job, move back home and focus the next 6 months on hard core studying and interviews.

I've also wondered if the best thing would really be to give up the job search altogether and direct my energy towards applying to computer science programs. An even better decision might be to do another bootcamp, focusing on core fundamental CS concepts and interview prep.

Obviously, I don't know where to go next. The great thing about attending Flatiron is that I've discovered a passion for learning about all thins computer and software. The tragic thing is that I'm not able to progress as much on my own.

In a perfect world, I would 100%, without hesitation pursue a BS and Masters in computer science. Since my undergrad major was Finance, I have some, but not all of the pre-requisites to finish BS computer science. In a more attainable, ideal world, I would start my career as a full stack developer in a challenging supportive company that promotes personal development.

As much as I focus my attention or seek out feedback from others in the field, it ultimately comes down to 2 things:

  1. There's so much I need to learn
  2. I need to make money

This brings me back to my Chingu project.

My last 5 weeks have gone towards building the backend for my Chingu project. If you read my last post, you know that time management has been challenging because of the points above.

In either of the ideal scenarios above, my project might have been done this week, along with everyone else's. But my frustration isn't at not having finished my project. I'm so glad to have attempted a Chingu voyage and to have part of something to show for it. How great is it that I persevered.

So what is the issue, then?

The most frustrating thing is knowing what you want to do and yet be unable to pursue it. I want to code, learn how to code, to understand the math behind problems and solutions, and scope a project before executing said project.


I've thought about this post for the past 24 hours. There's an obvious so what missing to this post. Yes, I've identified some barriers to my best, but so what? What happens now? It might feel like the post is somehow unfinished without these answers. Maybe I should throw out my best guesses, but somehow that doesn't seem right either.

So here is what I can do at this moment in time:

  1. Identify the companies that align with what I'm looking for
  2. Keep doing my best

Number 2 might feel like a cop-out. But at this moment, its probably the most important.

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Tim Lee

I feel you. Constraints are tough.