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How do you stay engaged during technical talks?

I recently started my first dev role. There's a lot to learn. To help me rampup, my team has been great in scheduling one-on-ones to explain tools our team uses. In addition to that, we also have a library of past tech talks, as well as bi-weekly knowledge shares, demos, and design reviews, all of which are recorded.

I've been rewatching the most relevant to absorb the information. However, I've noticed that people are following along during the actual talk and asking insightful questions during Q&A.

On the other hand, I can actively listen during the first 10-15 minutes, after which my brain does one of these:

Gif of Dumbledore putting his hands in on his hips

There's a lot of information shared during each 1-hour presentation. It's hard to keep up and take notes during. But rewatching hours of video will be harder as I take on more responsibilities.


How do you engage and stay engaged during technical talks? What strategies do you recommend for getting the most from these dense, technical presentations?

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Mehmed Duhovic

No one listens actively 100% of the time, people who are 'engaging' in the conversation have just more experience and they need less time to wrap things.

I wander off a lot, even in some important meetings, and I learned that if it is not important, who cares, if it is - then I meditate for a minute, by inhaling deep, keeping it in me, exhaling, and then keeping it again all for 4 seconds, and it brings my focus up and clears my mind a little bit.

Hope I helped.

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Thank you for this feedback. I've asked the same question on a few platforms ad the answer is basically the same. No one is expecting me to 100% understand and engage with a presentation. Just gleam the most important concepts and focus on understand the "why" of the talk more than anything