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Has any jr devs implemented Anki / spaced repetition in their study habits?

If so, what has been your experience? I'm prepping for job interviews now, but find myself forgetting (at times basic) concepts week-to-week.

If not Anki, what did you find works best for you?

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Danny Seymour

One suggestion I have on my mind is that you could start a blog (if you haven't already, it could even just be private) where you explain concepts and break them down as if you were teaching them to someone else. I've found that, that helps a bit. I haven't used Anki much though.

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thanks for the feedback! I have been blogging pretty regularly. I think it was even more helpful when I was tutoring new devs and helping them with projects

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Yeah, Anki is probably the way to go. Whenever I hear people talking about spaced repetition, that always seems to be the "go to" solution.