Do you have a markdown resume?

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What information do you include in your markdown resume that's not in your one page PDF resume?

Both of mine are the same for now, but I'm exploring ways to make the most of the markdown file format.


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Not sure if you are talking about markdown because you actually want it in markdown format (if this is the point, I don't get the pros to have the resume in markdown).
If you're just looking for an "online" easy to update version of your resume I've found an awesome service that I use: registry.jsonresume.org/davidgerva

That is my resume and it is in a simple text-format in a GitHub gist. The service just reads the last version of that file and render your resume.
Here is the site if you may need: jsonresume.org/


Thanks for sharing. I like the markdown resume because I can take advantage of the format to show more. For example, Maria in the comments below suggested including a gif for each project


JSON resume is awesome, @davidgerva . I do wish it had more options in the standard schema, but you can do super cool things with it as a data source. If you feed it to a simple template, that can give you basic HTML you can convert to docx and markdown with pandoc (see my top-level comment about formatting limits for getting through Applicant Tracking Systems).

@jasterix you actually get more control over formatting and styling the pdf and web versions of your resume with JSON, and see the above paragraph for how you can still convert it to markdown via a separate simple HTML output. It's more steps, but awesome control.


I keep the markdown version as the 'single source of truth' :-D and use it to render html and pdf versions.
And this can be even more fancy if you keep it on GitHub :-)
Check it out:
github.com/vasylenko/serhii.vasyle... - this is a source
serhii.vasylenko.info/cv/ - and this is the compiled version (also hosted on GitHub)
Plus you can control the rendering for printed version via CSS.

the idea itself is not new, here is some how-to's: mszep.github.io/pandoc_resume/ and elipapa.github.io/markdown-cv/


This is great- thanks! I'll check out the links in detail


I've been thinking about making a markdown version of mine, but I am not sure if I'll need it.

I may do a master markdown CV/resume that I can pull from as needed. I seen to misplace items when I put them elsewhere.


I think it's worth it. I recently applied to a role that specifically asked for markdown resume on github


Keep a markdown source, making use of heading, paragraph, link, and unordered list tags, and you can convert that to .docx with pandoc (do it twice, so you can tweak the styles pane on the first and use it as a template for future conversions). Set up a static site generator, style that with as much bling as you like (keeping it professional, obviously), and you can convert that to .pdf from puppeteer or your browser's print page functionality (@media print CSS styles may come in handy).

Avoid more complex formatting for the .docx version, as many ATS (applicant tracking systems) choke on images, tables, etc.


I don't have a markdown resume but I think that it would be cool to create one. However at the end of the day we are giving our resume to recruiters and they only work with Microsoft office 🤣


lol funny enough, Microsoft asked for a markdown resume. But I really like the format, especially when applying to programs and conference scholarships. Instead of a link to the google doc, I can share a link to the gist


Ok thats a really good usage for it. Do you have a separate Markdown and Word doc resume? Or do you just have a version in Markdown that you can export as Word?

Yeah, I have a one pager in Google Docs that I update for every role and download as a PDF. I also have the markdown resume in a private gist


I have one from applying to the Microsoft Leap program and it's more project-based and a bit longer. I still want to make a normal project-based resume.


same! I made one for the Microsoft Leap program


With markdown you can include a GIF (maybe of your top projects?).


Great idea. I definitely want to take advantage of the medium to show more on my resume