5 JavaScript core concepts you should understand

Jasterix on November 28, 2019

You might have heard JavaScript described as a single threaded, non-blocking, asynchronous, concurrent language. But did you know that JavaScript i... [Read Full]
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Really nice list!

All JavaScript objects have a prototype that they can inherit methods from

This could definitely use some external links or a bit more clarification. What exactly does it mean to have a "prototype"? That sentence is assuming you know what the difference between class and prototype based languages. Just my two cents.


That's a good point. I had a tough time explaining this point without rambling


The video link mentioned 👆🏽adds some context and clarification.


Hello there. For Multi-paradigm in Javascript, shouldn't functional programming be replaced with declarative programming?

Functional one of course exists, but am I right to think it is better to contrast imperative with declarative programming?

edit: sorry! That's my fault. I just read through a article which states

functional programming is a subset of declarative programming.


Thanks for commenting! I think it might be fun to explore what people mean by declarative or functional


Thanks for replying. This article has explored the difference between imperative and declarative programming. The author also mentioned functional programming.

An idea flashes into my mind. I thought functional has something to do with to break something down to pieces with regards to programming principle. Instead, Functional is probably applied to the sense to work. It's kind of like "hey! It just works! Just don't care about details", which is a bit like declarative programming. This might sound silly, but I am not native English speaker so feel free to point out errors.


I don't think a five year old is what you think ;)

Nice writeup.


Thanks. I agree though that I could probably simplify these descriptions a bit more


No, I think your descriptions are fine.

It's the trope of explaining technical topics to five year olds that doesn't make sense to me. They've only just learned what bees are, and they can't yet tie shoe laces, I don't think the finer points of JS are really on their radar.

haha gotcha. My 6 yo niece is obsessed with Minecraft so JS doesn't seem to far off


Not sure if it applies for beginners but knowing about the Event Loop is important.


Best video that I've watched recently on Event Loop: youtube.com/watch?v=8aGhZQkoFbQ&t=...


Such a great explainer vid. I've watched it at least 10 times and could watch it 10 times more. I was thinking of tackling the event loop next


Nice article. I just want to let you know, in your second paragraph, you are missing the word 'know' between: ' you don't need to what'. Also under 1. Highlight you wrote, code machine code.


Great catch! Thanks :)


I agree with Garet, maybe an external links would help, but keep it up these tips lists help many in the day to day.


I usually try to include only 1 link with each post to avoid overwhelming beginners. But I think doing 1 link per concept would be a good idea

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