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3 more apprenticeship programs to consider

  1. Twilio Hatch

    • This is a 6-month software engineering apprenticeship program with a diversity focus. It's geared towards underrepresented minorities and non-traditional developers (bootcamp grads, self-taught, etc).
    • Apprentices can expect to be paired with "an engineering manager with support from one or more technical mentors". Unlike most apprenticeship programs, this program hires apprentices in full-time positions (rather than contractors) and provides additional support for them to thrive. If you're interested in applying to Hatch, you can reach via this email:
  2. Pinterest

    • Another 6-month apprenticeship. I'm not sure if the Pinterest apprenticeship has been postponed due to COVID or terminated completely.
    • The apprenticeship website is no longer up, though you can learn more about it from the 2020 blog post referenced above. I would say keep an eye out for the next cohort.
  3. Airbnb Connect

    • Connect is a 6-month program for nontraditional developers. If you're self-taught or a bootcamp grad, this is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door.
    • While the last Connect cohort was listed as 2020, the program might be on hiatus due to the Coronavirus. According to TechCrunch, Airbnb canceled internships, laid off contractors, and delayed hiring junior devs last year. But keep an eye out for any 2021 updates!

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