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MSA with spring cloud

Before getting deep to understand what is the Micro Service Architecture, we should understand WHY the MSA is introduced.

The main reason of MSA introduce is the Monologue Architecture. Many developer likes to debate with these two different architectures like which is the better one in separate point of view.

Anyway, I don't want to participate in this meaningful(?) debate, but I want to learn & study how to establish, manage, scale or de-scale MSA project. So this is the purpose of this series and this process is based on my personal understand with the book name "Micro-services with Spring Boot 3 and Spring Cloud 3rd" by Magnus Larsson.

FYI, the writer has +1 year experience with Java SpringBoot environment in prev company and almost zero knowledge with Docker and Kubernetes(Only understand the concept). So this series can become longer than I expected.

Hopefully after write and read this series, the writer and reader can briefly understand what is MSA architecture and how to start to build and design. We'll definitively confront with tons of issues together and trying to solve it.

Anyway, talk is cheap lets write code.

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