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Discussion on: Experienced developers: What concept have you never gotten around to learning and you've been fine without it?

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Jason Gabler

I agree, but not across the board. When I do ask a technical, test-like question during an interview, I expressly refrain from trying to trick or find the limits of a candidates knowledge. While there is a component of wanting to make sure he or she is not lying to me about some skill listed on the resume, and I certainly would be glad to see that the candidate can competently solve the problem, I'm most interested in seeing if he or she can get stuck and ask for help. Anyone who can admit not knowing, and rather than give up with an "I don't know" but instead seek to still accomplish a goal by asking for help in an interview will pique my interest, not only for displaying an excellent work ethic, but also giving me the chance to travel through his or her problem solving and thought process. You want to hire for an entry level devops position, sure, no test questions, and focus on that passion for learning. You want to fill a senior or supervising devops position, that person must be intimately familiar with regex because she will be the person teaching the willing entry level guy.

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Ben Hemphill • Edited on

Yeah, totally get that if you are hiring a senior position then knowing the common tools is a requirement. You are hiring a master of their craft, not a journeyman. I took your original post to mean you do that for all hires :)