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Discussion on: Front End Dev Jobs

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Jason Gabler • Edited

The competition is steep. Don't be too picky, especially as a beginner. I just read an article about the difficulties of young professionals finding jobs in Seoul. The social stigma is that your salary has to be at a certain level and the paycheck can only come from a company with a certain level of prestige and brand recognition, or you're not making the grade. What a horrible existence -- unless you crave being a slave to superiors and their dollars. Instead, be willing to settle for your first salary and aim for working at a place with a promising culture and the type of work you think you want to do. The most important thing is that in a year or so you'll have experience under your belt which will usually afford you the opportunity to move up in the same company or move on. You've got to start somewhere and to employers you're an unknown quantity, a risk. Once you prove your not a risk, but a benefit, the rewards will come. If they don't, move on. You're young. Take advantage of that.

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Stuart Linden

Thank you for the info