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Must-have Vim config

jasonelwood profile image Jason ・1 min read


Get the most out of Vim.

Vim is pretty great right out of the box but .vimrc settings are a simple way to elevate your enjoyment of vim and speed up your workflow.

:imap jj <Esc>
:imap kk <C-N>

:set tabstop=4
:set shiftwidth=4
:set expandtab
:set autoindent
:set number
:set term=screen-256color
:set pastetoggle=<f5>

:colorscheme 256_noir

Just drop these lines in a file called .vimrc file and save it to your home directory.

This config file includes the 256_noir Vim color scheme. You can download the scheme here:

Drop this file here:

If this scheme doesn't work for you, you can omit the last line in the .vimrc file or download and use a different scheme.

As for mapping to jj, I can't tell you how much this improves my workflow. Being able to quickly type jj instead of reaching for the esc every time I need to enter command mode is invaluable.

This is just the beginning. My .vimrc file is over 100 lines. Let me know if you want me to share it. I hope this helps get you started. Let me know what you think.

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Jing Xue

Looks cool, just don't try to write a story about Asajj Ventress. ;-)

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