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re: once you have a CV with 4 or 5 years with references you have already proved yourself Not all jobs are created equal though. Someone who spent 5 ...

You'd be surprised. A lot of the time the real talent is actually snapped up by startups as they are the ones driving innovation. You'll find that those working in an enterprise environment typically tend to be behind the curve and stagnate.

Exactly my experience, I only worked in startups or agencies myself.

I think you misunderstood my comment: What I tried to say was that after 4-5 years you have not automatically proved yourself for a new position. If those 5 years were in an enterprise environment, you might not be the best fit for a startup since you may be used to a slower pace, different stack and definitely a different working culture. The other way around no matter how much you learned in startups, you may not be able to deal with a more rigorous process, bigger teams etc. Hence "different strengths and weaknesses".

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