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Discussion on: Can React state management get any simpler than this?

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Jarod Smith

Awesome academic exploration for yourself, but I think Kent is correct in this blog post, Application State Management with React. All you need is react.

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Ski • Edited on

State management is just writing code. Knowing multiple patterns their pros and cons and applying them to simplify application's complexity is the important part here. No library can ever solve this problem because it's education problem. The reason why redux achieved a lot is not because it actually solves anything. It's a tiny library that doesn't do much. It became wide spread not because it solves anything but because their documentation is quite an amazing guide on how to structure application that is easy for many to absorb and apply.

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Arnel Enero Author • Edited on

Thanks for your comment. After reading through that article, one would realize that as soon as the number of shared-state objects increases, assuming you're not using one monolithic global state, you'd go down the path of dealing with boilerplate. 😀