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Tips to get FreeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design certificate faster

FreeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization that provides various courses on Web Development and Machine Learning. There are several freeCodeCamp certifications offered in a broad range of studies and with over 1,800 hours worth of material.

Last month i completed my freeCodeCamp responsive web design course. most of the freeCodeCamp courses are approx. 300 hours long. Responsive web design course is an excellent course for beginners who are just getting into web development.

So, here are some tips that helped me to complete this course faster.

1. After finishing basics, jump to building projects

After completing the first 2 modules, go to the projects section and start working on your first project(Tribute Page). it'll help you to implement all the stuff you have learnt in those modules. Tribute page project is the most simple one and you can make it without using flexbox and grid.

2. Get familiar with Responsive Design techniques

Getting familiar with media queries and relative units will make work a lot easier for you. its better to use CSS for making page responsive instead of Bootstrap or any other framework.

3. Do modules according to your needs

You don't need to finish all the modules to work on those projects. after building the first two projects you will need flexbox for the next two and CSS grid for the last project.

4. Don't multitask, pick one project at a time

Complete one project and then move on to the next one. use google if you are stuck, there are several websites that you can use such as w3schools. w3schools provide source code to make navbar, sidebar and many other things.

5. Stay consistent

Working with CSS sometimes might be frustrating but more you work with it, more the things will get easier. staying consistent is very important, use a code editor to make things easier.

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