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What's the weirdest job a recruiter has called about?

jarvisscript profile image Chris Jarvis ・1 min read

I've received a few odd calls for job openings. I've had the usual stuff like you know JavaScript do you know Java? questions about various frameworks. I once had a call about installing printers.
The recruiter saw that I had a background in photography and thought I might have experience with printers. Well I mean I do but I don't want to make a career out of it. Certainly don't want to drive around the city installing stuff. I thought that would be my weirdest ever call. It was topped the other day.
I had an email about a Dental Assistant. I have no idea why. My first reaction was maybe they need an application for the Dentist office. There are a couple Dental Industry companies in town, maybe they needed help. Nope. I read the job description. It was for an actual dental assistant involved in patient care and surgery. I don't need to be around nitrous oxide. I'm a developer I need caffeine.

So what's the weirdest job someone has called you about?

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mikerogers0 profile image
Mike Rogers πŸ›£

I do Ruby on Rails, I'm still waiting for the day someone asks me to be a Train driver.

tkshillinz profile image
Kirk Shillingford

Did you take the job though? Cuz if I saw "Train Driver" on your resume, I'd be mightily impressed.

mikerogers0 profile image
Mike Rogers πŸ›£

I'd 100% take it! I play a lot of train Sim just incase :)

dera1 profile image
Chidera C. Onwurah

I write codes ,it was so funny when I receive a call to fix someones PC. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…