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2023 Developer Advent Calendars

December starts on Friday. Christmas is almost here. Many people countdown to Christmas with Advent calendars.

Advent calendars are special calendars that you use to mark off each day. They have a door or pocket with the date on them. On the first of the month you open door number #1, on the second, open door number #2. Continue daily till the 24th.

Calendar page says December 1

Code Challenge Advents

There are many developer related advent calendar online. Some offer a new code challenge every day others offer a blog or tutorial everyday.

Advent of Code

The most well known is the Eric Wastl's Advent of Code it will start dropping daily challenges at midnight EST (UTC-5) on December 1. The puzzles are language agnostic. You can solve them in whatever language you want.

There's usually two brain teasers a day you have to solve the first one to unlock the second. But you don't have to solve December 1 before you open December 2. Coders can jump in at any point to solve a problem. There's a story that join the puzzles together.

There's a leaderboard and a subreddit. People will be blogging their solutions as well. There's a big community that participates, check your community if you want to collaborate or encourage each other.

Advent of Cyber (Try Hack Me)

Advent of Cyber is a Cyber Security daily challenge. You can learn about cyber security in this challenge. You can also win prizes. For each task you solve, you earn a raffle ticket. Prizes will be drawn on the 28th.

Total Prize Pool Value: $50,000

Advent of CSS

This is the third year of Advent of CSS. A daily CSS challenge by Amy Dutton of podcast. This is a new twist on the event this year. Instead of 24 mini projects users will be making an entire design system setup.
Last year the challenges were free but Amy offered solution for a small fee. This year Redwood JS is sponsoring the event so it's all free.

Advent of JS

Advent of JS. Also from Amy of Compressed FM is Advent of JS. Same type of thing a daily piece of a JavaScript project. At the end users will have made a complete fullstack project.
Last year the challenges were free but Amy offered solution for a small fee. This year Redwood JS is sponsoring the event. It's all free.

I did a few of the challenges the last two years. They were more involved that I had expected. I learned and had fun. Since it's one big project this year I'll try to work on it daily to avoid getting behind.

Advent JS

Advent JS

  • JavaScript or TypeScript challenges
  • Available in English & Spanish
  • Editor and tests in the same platform

24 pull requests

A project that encourages developers to send a PR to an open source project every day for 24 days. They have many featured projects. 24 pull requests

Blog Advents

These don't have a daily challenge but the have daily education in the form of articles or videos. Some even take reader submissions.

Azure Advent Calendar

A month of Microsoft blogs and videos. Read about it in their post plus read their post to see more advent calendars.

They are still open for submissions. Plus have a series of Advents that still need content. Master list on this page.

C# Advent

The C# advent gives readers two new C# posts everyday. C# Advent This one goes to the 25th and there's already a list of authors.

Festive Tech Calendar

A month long event with multiple videos released each day. Looks like at least three a day. The list is at the bottom of the page.Festive Tech. Plus they are raising money for the Raspberry Pi Foundation.


Twenty-four blog posts on topics like security, accessibility, UX, and performance.

Java Advent

The Java Advent features a new Java article everyday.

.Net Advent

Another advent of blog posts..Net Advent has 24 daily .net blog posts. Each day opens a link to a different blog.

.Net Maui

.Net Maui in English and Spanish


Perl Advent


A new article about Raku everyday till the 25th. Plus you can still read the 2022 advent articles.


Type Hero

How I am Participating

I'm going to do the advent of CSS and JS it looks like a neat project.
I'm also planning on more CSS Ugly Sweaters projects so we'll see how much I can do.

Join the Fun

Do you know of any more developer related advents? Put them in the comments.

Will you be participating in any of these challenges? Find some friends and hold each other accountable.

Where will you share your solutions?

Want to add to an advent?

Follow the people that built these advent Challenges. Some of these blog advents look for writers. Most are closed now so look for those calls for articles next fall. if you're lucky and anyone has a slot open go for it.

Good luck!

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jakeespinosa profile image
Jake Espinosa

Thanks for posting this! I had no idea about Advent of CSS. Signed up!

jarvisscript profile image
Chris Jarvis

Cool, Last year's mini projects were fun. I'm excited about do a complete project this year,

bbkr profile image
Paweł bbkr Pabian - About Raku language.

It moved to new platform in 2020, archived posts from 2009-2019 are available here.

jarvisscript profile image
Chris Jarvis

Thank you.

justinnoel profile image
Justin Noel

Perhaps add this one:

jarvisscript profile image
Chris Jarvis

I think that's listed as advent of Cyber. But it's not loading at the moment.

jarvisscript profile image
Chris Jarvis

Ok It loaded today. It is the same I was linking to a different page on the site. I've updated the listing. Thanks.