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Local mp3 files to spotify playlist! (own app)

For anxious people like me:

YouTube quick demonstration:

Link to app:

Github repository:

Several years ago I uploaded all my photos taken with digital cameras to google photos, my personal files to the drive, and as a programmer I have my repositories saved in GitHub, it feels good to know that everything is safe in the cloud and available from any device.

But these days I was checking my hard drive and I still have about 35 GB of music in mp3 format, since that was the way to have music before, when we got it from some platforms, you know.

And although I wanted to erase them, I didn't want to lose all those songs that I had to work so hard to get, so I thought about making playlists on Spotify, since almost any song can be found in its catalog.

Seeing that this task would be very tedious, I started to investigate the Spotify API, and then I created this web app developed with Vue for the frontend, and node.js in the backend.

I tell you how it works:

Alt Text

You can select up to 100 mp3 files, the app reads the metadata and generates a table.
The name of the song and the artist can be edited, only the items that have both data will be searched, you can also play the song or copy the file name.

Alt Text

By pressing the search button, the Spotify API is consulted for each song and the most relevant result is displayed.
If no match is obtained, this screen allows you to modify the data and perform an individual search for each item.

Alt Text

Finally, you can choose the name of your new list and press the create button.
You can see the new list in the embedded preview, or on any of your devices with Spotify.

Alt Text

I hope you like it and it will be useful!

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