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Jarod Peachey
Jarod Peachey

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Website Review From Fellow Developers

Hey community! It's awesome to join this community/website. I found it looking for a solution to an issue I was having, and sure enough, there was an answer!

Anyways, I want to start something cool: a website/app review thread.

If you have a personal project, company website, or other app/web app that you'd love to get feedback on, post it down in the comments! Tell us a little bit about your project, and what you would like feedback on!

Once you've done that, go through the comments and find 1-2 other sites to review and give feedback on.

Let's use our knowledge to help each other!

I'll start us off: here's my portfolio site built using Gatsby and hosted on Netlify. I'd appreciate if you could tell me what you think of the design/user experience!

Now it's your turn!

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