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Japheth Namukuru
Japheth Namukuru

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Hi there!👋

Hi there! I'm learning coding for me...
My nickname is Jeff and I'm new here. I come from a remote area in Kenya where internet and electricity were inaccessible back in 2000s, I knew nothing about tech and my dream was never to be a developer. All I wanted was to join med school and pursue a career in medicine.

Well I joined one of the local universities but I wasn't accepted in med school as I had hoped. I stepped into the computing class with no prior knowledge, and even worse, with no interest. Everything I did back then was for academic purposes, I could do projects and throw them away as soon as the semester was done.

I registered good grades but all these were theoretical, little did I know I'll need them. I'm now a graduate and I realize how important learning to understand is. I've joined ALX Africa as a post graduate program to harness my skills in software engineering and later venture into machine learning and AI.
I learnt about yesterday while updating my GitHub account. I hope to meet new peers, mentors and connections throughout this journey of providing impeccable solutions to modern day problems.
I'll also appreciate following on GitHub, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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