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Just released sequel-activerecord-adapter gem

Sequel is a superb database library for Ruby. However, it can be difficult to get started with it in an app that already uses ActiveRecord, because Sequel requires its own database connection.

So I've created the sequel-activerecord-adapter gem that allows Sequel to reuse the existing ActiveRecord connection for its database interaction.

require "sequel-activerecord-adapter"


DB = Sequel.activerecord # reuses the ActiveRecord connection

DB.tables #=> [:users, :articles, ...]

DB[:articles].insert(title: "Sequel ActiveRecord Adapter")
DB[:articles].all #=> [{ title: "Sequel ActiveRecord Adapter" }]
DB[:articles].update(author_id: 2)
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This means you can now easily use Sequel in parts of your app that might be more performance-sensitive or require more advanced database queries that ActiveRecord doesn't support.

It also means you can use libraries like Rodauth that use Sequel under-the-hood without increased performance and mental overhead that would come with separate database connections.

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