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Jan Küster
Jan Küster

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Why would you NOT pick Meteor for your next project?

As some of you might know, I write articles on Meteor since I joined and I am a big advocate pro Meteor.

However, I am very very biased here and I want to get some thoughts from "outsiders" or ex-Meteorites why Meteor would not be a technological choice for the next project.

Give me all your input :-)

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Jan Dvorak

Like with everything there is a specific technology for everything. Meteor is a good all rounder through. I wouldn't choose it if the next project would require to focus on things where Meteor is weak or just would make no sense to use it for. That would for example be static webpage, heavy data analytics processing, server only thing (like just a micro service) and so on.
Thankfully these are not things that I want to work on anymore, so I don't worry about it.

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Minh Nguyen

Interesting but I'm not an ex-Meteorites.

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Jan Küster

haha I know I am just curious to get some more objective views because this will help to shape the future roadmap ;-)