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I invented the most practical IQ test in the world using vanilla JS, HTML and css

No more hour-long sessions to test someones IQ! Just do it now in ~5 minutes (yes, this is actually a serious test!):

🔥 Warning spoiler alert! 🔥

Please do the test before you read this to not bias yourself.

The test is about online privacy and how people perceive their ability to manage this privacy and data usage. It won't actually gather any data but raise awareness about the user's decision on privacy settings.

Spread the word

You can use the link to the test and send it to your friends, especially the non-technical ones to raise their awareness on online privacy.

Contribute and raise awareness

The test is not perfect and I did it in one day in my freetime. However, I think the topic is very serious and therefore I'd love to see people starting to improve the test to become a serious tool to raise awareness.

The test is published using a free and open license on GitHub and requires improvement in English grammar (I'm no native speaker) and translation into other languages.

I am also not the best CSS/design person, so I would be more than happy if there is someone ready to lift the design to a modern 2021 style.

I'd love to get any feedback on the test from you DEV people here to improve it, where possible :-)

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