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From Buying a Domain to a Fully Configured Server in 15 Minutes

Hey Devs!

Here is my new video: "From Zero to a Fully Configured Server" From Zero to a Fully Configured Server

I love serverless development, it's great for getting started fast! But once the use cases of your app become more complex, your development speed starts to slow down. Suddenly, you have to use complex products for simple tasks: Lambda functions, Step Functions, Event Bridge... All of this slows down your feedback loop. Do you really need that complexity for your app?

It's so much simpler on your own Virtual Private Server. My Backend Setup speeds you up again!

  1. Bring your own Ubuntu 22.04 VPS
  2. Install the Taufels VPS Setup
  3. You have a completely configured VPS 🎉

The Backend Setup includes a fully functional web app that will be running on your domain after the installation (on HTTPS). It includes a Stripe Integration, makes API calls to Anthropic's Claude 3, and handles the accounting of user credits in the database.

You get the full code of the setup scripts and the example application. On my YouTube channel, you can find a growing list of tutorials.

I hope you like it!

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