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Optimize your AWS dev spend

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Cloud costs on the rise

After taking their first steps in the cloud, many software development companies have come to realize that the promise of pay-as-you-go for their development and test workloads is actually quite hard to realize to its fullest extent.

Existing tools such as AWS Instance Schedule or Cloud Custodian can help here; but are they enough to satisfy the needs of your teams?

To realize the highest possible savings from your development and test workloads, you need to be able to easily and reliably turn off or dial down as many of your resources as possible when they are not in use.

For many companies the savings potential here is huge: up-to 70% of the on-demand compute component cost for your dev and test workloads, assuming a 8am to 6pm working schedule on weekdays.

Calender outlining typical working hours vs off hours

A develoment-team focused look at cost savings

To materialize these savings, a few barriers of entry that can negatively impact your teams productivity are critical to consider:

  1. Do you have a tool that is easy to onboard and take into use?
  2. Can the developers easily control the schedules of their environments?

Introducing - a developer-first cost-savings utility was created to address this challenge. With a developer-first approach, your teams can stay in control of their environments and their off hours schedules - allowing you to tap into the potential cost savings without impacting your productivity.

ChatOps-based integration with Slack and Teams allows your teams to directly control the scheduling of their resources directly from the chat. Bringing environments up and down for example as part of CI/CD pipelines can be further automated with the provided API.

Signup for our waiting list to be one of the first to benefit from these savings. :)

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