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I have no idea what I'm doing, but here Goes #4 Ah C'maaaahhhhnn!!!!

jamonjamon profile image Jaimie Carter ・2 min read

If you've not been following along: 1. Shame on you. 2. To learn Node, I've decided to build an API that automatically chases freelance work for me.

"Aaarrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh ffffaaaaarrrrrrkkkkk!! (in the nicest possible way)" That's angry (but not really angry) Australian for: "Oh come on Google, does it really need to be so convoluted. You're making me look bad."

OK, ok. To preface this, I have been very busy with my day job. I had a very demanding job interstate, and just arrived back in town yesterday. I'm tired, grumpy, and not focused. There's the disclaimer. Not an excuse... dis-cl-aim-er. OK?

AANNNNyyway... The goal today was to understand how authorisation of Google APIs worked in dev vs production environments, respectively. The outcome? I have no idea whatsoever. None. Nuthin. Seriously, Google's instructions are about as useful as a hip pocket in a singlet. I can't even understand how it works AT ALL. "Arrrrrggghhhh ffaaaarrrrkkkkkk! (in the nicest possible way)."

I watched this video and the UI has changed, so it made this pretty much useless. But not completely useless, I managed to add gmail and calendar to my developer console, under my app. So that's a win. I'll take whatever victory I can get, right now. And to be honest, once I read the OAuth documentation properly, I think the verification process will be pretty smooth, and with the right authorisation keys, twc2k will be able to continue development.

The upside of today's effort is: I need to further break down this problem into smaller problems. I think.

  1. I know I need to access sensitive data. So I need OAuth, so let's verify a domain and use that.
  2. Then, I need to figure out what has to change in the google boilerplate that was given to me for authentication with the calendar app. That'll give me an idea of how to proceed from there, I think. Wish me luck.

Anyone want to bale me out, here???? I'll buy you a beer.

For those (terrible people, well maybe not terrible, maybe it's more like naughty) that haven't been playing along:
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jamonjamon profile image
Jaimie Carter Author

As per normal, great advice. Thanks, Neil. I hadn't thought of stepping back an extra step to understand the why. It's a much better way to understand the working of a machine.
Looks like I owe you a beer.