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re: Hey Jaimie. Would you like me to critique the landing page/signup or would you like me to critique the logged in experience? I probably won't have ...

Hi Bryan. The landing page is pretty rubbish, and I know that... Bear in mind the target user group is about 40 people in Australia. So I know them all personally, and it will never be a commercial project. I made the app primarily for my own use, but thought it would be cool if my colleagues would use it, too. However, nobody is using it - at all - despite it actually being pretty much exactly what is needed for the job. They're all using paper and/or PDF (really), which are always wrong for the crew. I'm absolutely astounded and baffled that they all can be so pig headed and will not use patchTeam. The industry and job is very competitive - we're all after the same jobs every year, but surely this can't be the reason my colleagues aren't using the app.
Perhaps you can look at this from a programmers point of view and critique the user experience in general???

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