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Discussion on: What's your coding origin story?

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Lorna • Edited

I don't know if I count as I'm not there yet. I've had a potted non-it career due to mental health problems of which I'm just coming out the other side. 2 years ago I read somewhere about the need for web developers and stumbled across freeCodecamp. I had a play around then drifted away. Then maybe a year ago I made a more concerted effort but found myself like a beached whale after struggling with javascript and wrote myself off as unsuitable.

However, having read much about attitude and hard work mattering as much as anything innate, I got back on the horse this year. I'm back at javascript which is going a bit better this time but I've also just begun supplementing fcc with Colt Steele's udemy course to really hammer home what I'm learning. This time next year I want to be applying for junior dev posts.