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is there some non-religious idiom as easily recognized and understood for this same concept in the English language?

If this was a serious question, you could try one of my favourites:

perish the thought

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Desolo Sub Humus 🌎🌍 • Edited on

Fair enough. That certainly would have been preferable, then.

Still, though, religious words and phrases are so ingrained in the English language, Atheists like myself still end up using them, not so much to be ironic, but because in many cases, there is either no alternate way to get an idea across, or it's just such a common way to say a thing that it slips out with no thought on just how religious the phrase is.

If someone sneezes, the words 'Bless you' are spoken without any thought as to the religious ideals that gave rise to the phrase; it's just the polite thing to do. (At least I hope we can all agree that sneezing doesn't actually mean your soul has escaped your body, leaving you open to demonic possession or that saying 'bless you' will cast away the demons and safely send your soul back into your body to protect you from further evil.)

But, absolutely, 'perish the thought' would have worked just as well.