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JS Flashcards

Jamie McCarville 🇨🇦 on January 17, 2020

Learn JS With Flashcards I built a site using Vue and Tailwind to create flashcards for learning JS. I have been working on the site the... [Read Full]
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I teach js and last week we had covered all of js basics, this is so great and your timing is astounding!
Ofcourse I already shared this article and the website over our slack channel.
Thank you! And keep up the great work!! :)


That's great to hear! Thanks for sharing the project and I hope that it proves to be helpful.


I love the look & feel (the UI) ... Vue is great, also saw that you used Tailwind ... keep up the good work. One obvious feature to add (especially when the number of cards expands): a search button!


Glad you liked it! The search button is a great idea and I’ll add it to the list of features I’m looking to add moving forward.


Clean and concise, looking forward to updates! :) Beautiful presentation on mobile (I'm yet to check on desktop).


I really like working with Tailwind to style the site at different break points. I also used Sizzy, an app that lets you see the design on a bunch of different sized screens all at once. I’ve used it for a couple projects now and it’s been super helpful making sure the design looks good on all screen sizes.


Great initiative!
Looking forward to see more content in your website(


Glad you liked it! Starting work on the next section tomorrow.

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