Wanted: JavaScript Book Recommendations

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I consider myself to have a pretty decent knowledge of JavaScript, but I know there's ALWAYS more to learn. I'm looking for some paperback book recommendations to take my knowledge to the next level, really get into the intricacies of JS - and boy are there many!

So, what are your must read JavaScript book recommendations?

Edit: Thanks all for the recommendations, looks like I have some reading to do!

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Thanks for the suggestions. Eloquent Javascript keeps popping up, so I may have to take that as a sign and grab a copy, also the YDKJS series.


I second the “you don’t know JS” series. I got it on kindle a couple of years ago.



I would even throw in the free version of "JavaScript Grammar" dont know where to find it free though... lots of people have PDFs


Composing Software
An Exploration of Functional Programming and Object Composition in JavaScript
Eric Elliott

This book is for sale at leanpub.com/composingsoftware


This looks excellent. Definitely going to grab a copy! Thanks for the suggestion


This is a book I've never gotten to. Right now, I'm in the middle of a Haskell book I'm procrastinating getting back into, because some exercises in it are way too vague, even though I like the actual content.

I don't think I'll buy any books for a while, even though there's that new Crockford book.


I regard it as one of the most beautiful books about programming ever written. A good example of "show don't say".

I also think it's very good for JavaScript developers, as it makes you think about functions - really forces you to understand what can be achieved with them. It changed the way I program.

I've never had much experience with scheme itself, as I've gotten into different lisps. I found the lack of proper error messages and stack traces annoying when writing scheme.

I think I've glanced at that book once, and I've enjoyed what I've seen.


This book was my transition point towards confidence and competence, to a much greater degree than any other singular resource.


I'd reccomend "JavaScript: the good parts" to everyone, even if they don't use the language. The book is more about a way to approach languages than JavaScript itself. Substantial parts of it are obsolete, as it's about ES3, and plenty of language features have better alternatives these days.

Along with the book, I'd reccommend the talk "the better parts" (also by Crockford).


I recommend secrets of the JavaScript ninja. It's a difficult read but I learned the most from this


I actually just stumbled across this last night myself as well. Looks like a solid read!


Give it a read if you can, it's really good. By tinkering with examples from the book you can learn and understand heaps of js concepts


For anyone interested in functional programming, I've stumbled across JavaScript Allongé, the "Six" Edition which has peaked my interested. Sadly there's no paperback, but it looks great.


A good resource to learn JavaScript. No matter what type of learner you are, you will find your medium. github.com/micromata/awesome-javas...


Rediscovering Javascript was a good read last year. Currently reading Javascript Grammar but looks like someone else already mentioned that one.

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