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re: Engagement on and LinkedIn is easy. With Instagram, I feel like I'm a fog, and finding who I need to engagement is the most troublesome par...

It may just be me, but the only people I follow on Instagram are ones that are visually interesting. I'll follow photographers, travellers, wild life experts, but I'm not going to follow companies - they're usually posting visually uninteresting stuff and just trying to sell me things. I get enough of that from Facebook.

I think there's a platform for everything but IMO Instagram generally isn't one for developers or tech companies. Maybe it would be better to continue to focus your efforts on platforms that suit the product, like Twitter, I follow heaps of devs and tech companies on that, but again, that could just be me.


I agree about the company pages.

I do have a lot of unique original content, though I don't feel branded companies can connect as much as personal accounts.

Instagram is as you say a visual platform and I think its a lean towards lifestyle perceptive.

Twitter is another social platform I'm terrible at and I've never been able to go beyond that 300-500 follower count.

I found Twitter pretty pointless when I first signed up for it. I guess I just didn't really get it initially. It was only once I started discovering interesting developers to follow on it I found a use for it - mainly as a consumer. Now I use it solely for that. It helped bring order to what otherwise just seemed like chaos in the form of up to 280 characters. Personally the most interesting things I find on it are developers sharing random projects or code snippets they've worked on.

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