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James Cox
James Cox

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Home "Office"

I have seen a lot of posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. about others' work-from-home setups. Some of them are crazy dope!! Am I slightly jealous? You betcha!

I dream of having something cool this one day:
Great home office setup


I have not actually earned any income from my coding ventures yet. In fact, I am pretty in the red if you count my tuition for Flatiron and costs associated with my HP laptop I bought specifically for school.

It means I am STILL coding on just my laptop. I have it set up at the pass-through between my kitchen and my living room. (I am actually really grateful, because I get the benefits of a standing desk, and it cost me nothing!)

My laptop sitting on the pass-through between my kitchen and living room

If I do not feel like standing, which is not very often, I put my laptop on the kitchen table and make it work.

Or maybe you are somewhere in the middle of minimal and "dream" setup, like my friend, @Charles Jerome Desiderio

Charles' home setup

Definitely an improvement to my current situation, but missing 2-3 monitors, and definitely not enough LED lights... JK, Charles!

What is my point?

If you have the resources to create an awesome home setup, you should! Investing in yourself and your craft is important and I fully support "going all out". I know that when I am finally able to purchase extra monitors, my dream Mac and whatever else will make developing both more efficient and enjoyable,

I will...
Treat yo self!

But until then, in the incredibly wise words of Project Runway's Tim Gunn, "MAKE IT WORK". I encourage you to use whatever resources you have.

Not to toot my own horn, but I feel like I have achieved A LOT with a fairly basic HP laptop.

One day we will have all the cool gizmos and gadgets. For now, we work with what we have and that is enough!

Discussion (4)

wamiikechukwu profile image
Wami Ikechukwu

I also hope to have a nice set up like that... But until then, I got to manage my Dell laptop.

jamesncox profile image
James Cox Author

And manage we will!

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Cool set up I have 3 screens on my desk but only 2 get used. Laptop, Thunderbolt and a 4K TV which I have not tried to use as a third screen yet...

jamesncox profile image
James Cox Author

man sounds like you're living the dream!! I've got a couple old smaller HDTVs lying around I've thought about turning into 2nd and 3rd screens but it's finding space to put them!