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Domain-Driven Design Use Case: Improving A Life Insurance Selling Platform

James Hickey on November 01, 2019

Years ago, I lead the web development of a new platform for selling life insurance online (which provided white-label abilities). This was one of ... [Read Full]
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What a really valuable post! It's always great to see DDD applied to real world applications.
I just want to add that in my opinion, because I tend to use a CQRS approach, I'm not apologist of Sagas that throw events. In my applications the Sagas always react to events/alarms and only send commands which will affect the domain (CQRS write side).


Thanks! In the example, the events are (except the last one) are internal to the saga only. I think using non-integration events would work the same?


Very wonderful post. I'm using a lot ddd. But sounds very interesting to me the saga pattern. Do you use some framework to handle this pattern?
Thanks for your time writing


Thanks for the kind words 😊

I really like NService bus. It makes these kinds of patterns like sagas or process manager, etc. really easy to implement.

That's for .NET though... otherwise, you could implement your own...but I'm sure other languages have some way to do this?


I like the concept of DDD but once domains have been explored and modeled. What's the process for architecting our Org/applications?


I think that will deserve another article lol. The answer is.... it depends. 😋

Non-functional requirements, system qualities/attributes, cost considerations, staff expertise, etc. all play part in how the actual implementation might work out.


From reading your article, I got the feeling that its inspired from Pivotal Software. After interacting with Pivotal people, I got the impression that when modeling Domains the Architecture will reveal itself and we can start coding and building on that architecture. Is my interpretation correct? if so, can you provide me with an example of this process?


This is awesone James, it gives me a nice context about how to do real DDD. Thanks a lot and waiting for your next post!

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