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Collection Of Over 30 Dev Tips

jamesmh profile image James Hickey ・1 min read

I've been using Twitter to write various short tips for software developers over the past few months.

I've collected them all as a Twitter Moment and will continue to add any future tips.



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I'm a huge fan of communications mediums, IM, etc but TBH, I have yet to see a useful purpose for twitter. Maybe I'm old fashioned, maybe I'm slow, but I can't see anything done via twitter (other than AMBER alerts) that can't be done w/ a blog or some other less immediate mechanism. I love your posts (this one included), even more so because I'll never get the tweets - don't even have an account that I know of.


I was the same as you up until maybe half a year ago. I started to use Twitter not to post anything but to follow (that are connected with certain technologies) and companies/products that I’m interested in.

It’s basically like a tech news feed for me. For example I follow github and I can see when they announce something new.


Now that is the first really good use I've heard. Most of the others are generally self serving or similarly questionable. Thanks for that.

Agree to your general sentiment, but I've figured it can be a pretty powerful for reasons that Dan mentioned. This is how I use it πŸ‘‡πŸ½


I was convinced by Dan and set up my account this afternoon. I'm always open to new sources for learning - thanks for your wisdom

I sure hope twitter pays me!! ;)


Useful stuff. I've started something similar on my blog recently. I have a cheatsheets section where user can find dev tips from various categories (the ones close to me). Considering that the first cheat sheet was created a week ago or so it's still a modest collection, but I intend to make it as big as possible.

I think that we all have a problem memorizing something useful. Things like regex expressions, short code snippets and stuff like that. This is the reason why I've started this campaign. No more forgotten stuff. Just drop it on the website for future use. No more googling over and over again. If you don't want others to see it, make it a private one.

Each user can create its own cheat sheet and make it public or private. On top of it, I plan to implement team sheets. Cheat sheets that can be shared between a group of people...etc. But this is somewhere in the future.

It's still a work in progress though...I need to implement delete feature and a search page to look up the public sheets created by the community. At this point, only sheets created by the site admins are displayed.

If you're interested, check it out here, and give it a try.

Best regards and keep up the good work.


Interesting use of twitter but great read.

Love the dishes analogy, especially apt seeming many young developers probably don’t do the dishes at home.


Great collection of tips, just by reading the first 2 I was already clapping because they're so true!

Thanks a lot for putting all that stuff together.


One you might add is always go to management with options, risks, costs and timelines. Let them see you helping them.