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Software Development Trends To Watch In 2014

jamesjo10097237 profile image James Jordan ・2 min read

Developing and maintaining any software application has never been an easy to go task. It is full of risks. Most of the enterprises rely on the software application.

Also, with the emergence of new computing platforms built on a secure cloud, social and big data capabilities is impacting business models and processes.

Keeping pace with new trends such as big data, mobile, analytics, cloud based systems have brought new challenges in the field of software application development.

The organizations must transform the old legacy applications to align with the fast changing business needs. In today’s environment, software development company in India can help you to gain increased agility and business profitability by designing and developing the most complex software applications that will streamline overall business processes irrespective of the business verticals.

In this blog post, let’s discuss the top software development trends for 2014.

Software Development Company in India

Use of APIs: In 2014, we will witness a huge leap in how APIs are put to use to drive innovation and help organizations to be more efficient and profitable.

Third-platform integration: Legacy applications are old. Development with the third platform will accelerate in 2014. However, it requires new skills in Cloud, Social, Big Data, Analytics, Gamification etc.

Hybrid cloud: Developers must design private cloud services keeping in mind the hybrid future. The developers must also make sure that the integration and interoperability are important while securing the enterprise at the same time.

Integrating front and back office: The growing integration requirements between back office and operations like business management, cyber security etc. will be handled with utomost care.

Application containers: The next big buzz is containerizing and virtualizing the application not simply the machine.

HTML5: Businesses have started building their applications on HTML5 as they have understood the advantages of HTML5 development in the enterprise. In 2014, HTML5 development will see a huge growth like never before.

Secure enterprise mobile apps: Developers will have to develop more secure apps and make sure that all the enterprise apps are thoroughly examined from a security point of view.

Application performance management: The under-performing application environment will be addressed and managed both appropriately and sensitively to avoid issues or concerns if pertaining to businesses.

Skills: The developers possessing good knowledge on cloud, mobile, big data, analytics and security will be increasingly in demand. The programming skills that will be highly valued include Java, JavaScript, ASP.NET, C#, PHP, SQL Server, MYSQL, HTML5, CSS3, iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc.

It won’t be over saying that software development projects are complicated and hard to complete smoothly but considering the above discussed trends in mind it would certainly help you in developing the most robust and secure software application for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for your software application development venture!

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