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A Comprehensive Guide to CSM

Know Why CSM Certification is taking the World by Storm

Are you stuck at the bottom of the corporate ladder? Are you finding it difficult to get noticed? And is it not your style to brag about your skills to get ahead? Then you might want to consider opting for recognised certification programs.

There are several of these out there. Currently, programming languages like Python are on the move. The growth of artificial intelligence has created many opportunities for professionals. However, certifications like these are extremely expensive and not everyone’s cup of tea. These programs can be quite time-consuming as well. Hence, most professionals tend to stay away.
If you are someone who can’t dedicate time or does not want to shift focus on learning a new language, considering opting for a CSM course. CSM or Certified Scrum Master Certification is an industry-wide recognised certification program. Additionally, it can be completed in 2 days. So, you simply can dedicate a weekend to be a more efficient and productive member of your organization. Moreover, this program is applicable for various roles. Hence, whether you are working on Artificial Intelligence or managing client accounts, this program is bound to get you a swankier paycheck. Currently, quality courses like Certified Scrum Master Certification are on offer in over 70 countries, including major US cities like Washington DC, Houston, etc.

This brings us to the next question.

What is a Scrum Master Certification?
Scrum master certification is designed to train professionals with the knowledge to further their understanding of project management. The certification program emphasizes heavily on core values of accountability, teamwork, and iterative process. The program also clearly defines end-goals for participants to synchronize their motivation with the larger goals of an organization.

What are the Immediate Benefits of the Program?

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Apart from the immediate benefits mentioned above, Scrum masters are extremely valued members of large organizations. CEOs like Sundar Pichai of Google recognised the importance of programs like Agile in furthering the growth of the large organizations. Core Agile principles are also part of the Scrum framework. Hence, Scrum programs are likely to get you noticed at large organizations. However, Scrum masters usually help motivated employees reach their goal. Additionally, Scrum masters also are taught to manage the flow of information within organizations. Hence, CSM certification is really important from the perspective of organizations. It is likely to get you ahead in your career but not without a sound practical application rooted in genuine concern for the well-being of your team members and organization.

How Do I avail the CSM Certification?
As mentioned earlier, CSM certification is a two-day course. It includes training for 16 hours by a certified Scrum trainer. Once your training is over, you can appear for a multiple-choice exam. The exam is relatively easy, wherein you will be expected to get 24 answers correct out of 35 total questions. You would not require any prerequisites to appear for this exam as it is a course aimed at beginners.

What is the cost of the CSM Certification?
Generally, Scrum programs are paid for by organizations. So, if you are interested in this program, you should definitely consult your HR manager before taking on the responsibility on a personal level. The costs of these programs start at around 25,000 rupees or US $370. Due to the industry-wide recognition, training institutes for these programs have cropped up all over the world. A recognised global institute like KnowledgeHut is a good point to start.

What are the long term benefits of the CSM Certification?
You may choose to see Scrum certification as the next meal ticket. However, please understand that Scrum certification is intended to be a never-ending commitment to learning and professional growth. Scrum prepares professionals to become lifelong learners.
For IT professionals, who have a keen interest in the business side of things, Scrum is bound to benefit tremendously for growth. For example, Scrum certification will teach you how to supervise projects, keep an eye on priorities, and how to get work done through a plethora of problems and distractions. Additionally, it will also teach members the different priorities of various stakeholders, especially clients.

Why Is CSM Certification Taking the World by Storm?

Scrum certification is gaining tremendous traction among professionals. Additionally, it is bound to prepare you for long term professional growth as it is designed keeping the key needs of organizations in mind. You are probably aware that today we are moving towards a knowledge-based economy all over the world. Additionally, once professionals get comfortable in their roles, their learning tends to go downhill. This is where large organizations suffer tremendously. On one hand, they have a large group of employees, who are loyal and productive members of the organization. On the other hand, these employees and their way of thinking are set in stone. This combined with different individual motivations, a different set of difficulties, and challenges can sometimes result in regressive attitude towards growth of organizations.
Hence, it is essential for organizations to prepare professionals with a positive, team-oriented, and goal-driven discipline. It is also important that every member of the team is on-board when it comes to development. This is why Scrum certification is the answer to various project development and other professional challenges in the 21st century.

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