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What's New in Python 3.10?

James Briggs
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The Python 3.10 release has several new features like structural pattern matching, a new typing Union operator, and parenthesized context managers!

Python 3.10 development has stabilized and we can finally test out all of the new features that will be included in the final release.

We'll cover some of the most interesting additions to Python - structural pattern matching, parenthesized context managers, more typing, and the new and improved error messages.

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Discussion (2)

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Brady Walters

Thanks for the article! I’m excited to replace some moderate elifs with switch in the near future. Each of the few times I had to relearn Python didn’t support switch It was surprising.

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Pavel Morava

It is not about the old switch at all like in C. It is more about exhaustive pattern matching coming from functional languages.