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How-to Use The Reddit API in Python

jamescalam profile image James Briggs ・1 min read

Reddit is a huge ecosystem brimming with data that is readily available at our very fingertips. As a data-minded person, I wanted to take advantage of this and perform some analysis using this vast repository of open-source data.

Initially, it turned out that getting to grip with Reddit’s API wasn’t as clear-cut as expected — despite being a straightforward process; it can be a little confusing at first.

So, after figuring everything out, I wrote this article — which I hope will help a few of you to get familiar with using the Reddit API in Python. We will cover:

  • Getting Access
  • Making Requests
    • Reading the Data
    • Streaming New Posts
  • Parameters

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James Briggs Author

Thanks Anthony, I'll add to this with the 'friend link', which gives anyone without Medium membership free access too: