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Discussion on: Will Golang replace C/C++?

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James Palermo

No. These discussions always overlook how deeply entrenched C/CPP is in like… stuff. Stuff as in cars, cable boxes, movie projectors, fighter jets, particle colliders… heck Python uses a ton of C under the hood and the internet runs on Nodejs, written in C, running on operating systems written in C. Accessed by browsers written in C. The world runs on it.

Yeah it’s got a lot of problems but when a language is so widely deployed the problems don’t surprise engineers. The capabilities and limitations of the language are known quantities. Sure Ryan Dhal can complain about C and switch to Rust for Deno, but If you’re coding a new missile guidance system do you wanna use a new language that is theoretically better and easier to use, or the one that you’ve spent 20 years getting REALLY good at using for guiding missiles?

I predict that C/CPP will be replaced by a new language around the same time QWERTY keyboards are replaced by a new layout.