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Hello everyone,I’m James emeka and I’ll be sharing with you my experiences as a Tech student learning programming.
First of,I never knew anything about programming not until 2021 when I gained admission into the university to study computer science but before then I always admire sci-fi movies,advanced artificial robots used in carrying out different jobs ,evolution of technology over the years made me enthusiastic.Not to forget,after hearing the stories of how a lot of people had become rich and wealthy from the Tech industry e.g mark zuckerberg,Jeff bezos ,bill gates, Elon musk etc I said to myself that I can also do it.This motivated me to study computer science,Going into the university I discovered that there were different branches(fields) in computer science such as cyber security,app de&web development,artificial intelligence,data science ,system analysis etc it’s too broad to be studied as a single course but nevertheless we continue.
The first programming language that was introduced to me was c++,it is a powerful language but challenging due to its complex syntax and learning curve ;it has a lot of rules and exceptions that can be hard to is an object-oriented programming language .it took a long period of time before I could understand the basics .
Next was python ,yeah it was not hard to learn but it had its own challenges . Understanding the complexities of OOP, Decorators, Generators, Multithreading, Exception Handling, Regular Expressions.
The major challenge I was having then was owning my own laptop .learning to code on my schools computer desktop was stressful I always go to the computer laboratory or library to code .
The story changed for me when I was to do my Industrial Training (IT) at Tech firm called white creativity.The joy that hit me when my uncle sent me a brand new laptop.I quickly installed application,got my Visual studio code editor ready for work and then we Begin.
The first course I took was website development using HTML& has an been an amazing journey ,easy to grasp .
One of the few steps to create a webpage are:
Step 1: Create a Layout.
Step 2: Set up the boiler code.
Step 3: incorporating elements like headings, paragraphs, and images in the layout
Step 4: Create the HTML content(Body).
Step 5: Create CSS for the layout.
Step 6: Create CSS to style individual elements.
Step 7: Add background color and style. There are more additional steps to these ones which are basics.
Although I’m still learning on HTML&css and my progress has been smooth .There are times I feel down but refused to give up and brace up for the future awaits me .listening to music helps my mind to concentrate .
Looking forward,I’m eager to learn more,dive deeper,try new languages and become a better programmer.
One thing I would love to tell people out there is that you don’t need to study computer science to become a programmer or go into other Tech related fields all you need to do is to register for online courses,watch online videos ,get a tutor or a coach that will guide you ,practice:To know it you have to practice consistently if possible get certified.

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Anita Olsen

It was fun to read about your programming journey. Thank you for sharing with us! Also, much welcome to DEV community! I hope you will write many more posts in the future and may you will like it here!