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I find using VS Code Live Share for pair programming to be really invaluable as you can follow people as they type or you can go off doing your own thing while the other developer has access to your files, your terminal and local server to check things.


It’s awesome to hear that Live Share is working for your team! 🤗 The ability for developers to switch between editing the same file, exploring independent files, or both at the same time, is one of the key things we’ve found to be meaningful about Live Share, as compared to screensharing.

If other folks are curious about how this experience actually looks, I wrote a DEV article about that.


We’ve suddenly been allowed to work from home three days a week, and our decision to test drive Live Share in the office a few months ago payed off very well.


At this point i am too afraid to share the fact that i had no idea about this VS code live share. Thanks for opening one of those closed doors

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