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CRUD Operation with ASP.NET Core MVC, Entity Framework Core And SQL Server

In this video, You will learn about ASP.NET Core MVC framework. How it's works and then create a basic Crud operation with Entity Framework core code first with SQL Server Database.

Topic discussed in this video are

➤ What is Model View Controller Pattern
➤ How MVC works
➤ Structure of ASP.NET Core MVC Application
➤ How to install Nuget packages for Entity Framework Core
➤ How to create model classes with Annotation for validation
➤ How to create Entity Framework Context class and how to configure the database connection.
➤ How to Create Migration with Help of Entity Framework Tools Nuget package and Use of Add-Migration command.
➤ How to apply migration with Entity Framework Core in SQL Server database with Update-Database Command
➤ How to create Scaffolding and How to create Controller and Views with Scaffolding in Visual Studio.
➤ Explanation of Code generated and How entity Framework Core works.
➤ How to do validation in Forms and how to use ASP.NET Core Tag helpers for that.

Hope you like this video.

📂 Source Code:

You can find source code from the following GitHub Repository.

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