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NBA stars vs programming languages

Hey, all programming and NBA fans.

I was watching an NBA game the other day and came to my mind the idea of compare each NBA star with the programming languages. This is just for fun so let's go with my idea of each pair and why:

Splash brothers and JavaScript

Yeah, I know, I said NBA star and not NBA stars but I think these two guys are as speedies as JavaScript is. They can throw the ball so quickly that you are not able even to see it. And, the best of all, they put in most of them throws scoring by three.

Splash Brothers from

As you can imagine, I think JavaScript does the same. You can write lines and lines of code and try it in the browser in a hurry. You don't need to prepare so much stuff to start doing anything in JavaScript, just write your code and test it. Simple, quick and effective.

Antetokoumpo and Python

The Greek God or Anteto as we say here in Spain. What a wonderful player, I think this guy will be one of the greatest soon. He has everything to win championships and I'm sure he will do. You do know how he plays and what are his moves but you also know you can't stop him. He will do once and again the same play and will always score in your basket.

Giannis Antetokoumpo from

You know Python, you know how it works and how simple it seems. But, each time you see it you notice the power of the language, again and again. Similar to Anteto. It has the power and uses it well.

Lebron James and Java

What I can say about Lebron that nobody still has said. Let me say that Lebron has demonstrated to be as versatile as Java. He made Miami and Cleveland NBA champions. Those teams were different in their skills but he could make them winners. What else? He can play in the paint, score from out of the three points line and run and dunk.

Lebron Jaimes from Sky News

Java works very similarly. It is a programming language that can run on several different devices, from computers and mobile devices to industrial machines and wash machines.

Kawhi Leonard and C sharp

I must confess Kawhi is my favorite basketball player at this moment. My words are just for telling good things about this guy. He does a lot of things in the court: score, defense, rebounds, assistants, steals, etc. There is only one thing he is not as good as other mates, he is not a three-point line shooter. So, we can say his play is constant like a hammer but no spectacular most of the time.

Kawhi Leonard on espn

C# is similar or looks like Kawhi. This programming language can do a lot of things. It is ready for almost all things the rest of the programming languages can do. But, it is not as spectacular as JavaScript or Python. For some reason, no feature, pattern, action, or application makes C# more spectacular than these languages.

PHP and Demar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan is a really good player. He does a lot of things pretty good like defense or steal the ball or score near the paint. We could say is from the old school but this is not enough these days. And players like him are not relevant in the league.

Demar DeRozan in Awesemo

PHP was an important language for the web world and it still is. But, now, it starts to become a minor language. Yeah, it has a lot of features, a lot of really great things but not enough for these days.

Trae Young and Typescript

Typescript is a metalanguage that transpile to JavaScript. It appeared to solve some of the problems JavaScript has like variable type declaration, the class paradigm in previous versions, etc. Another feature it has is that you can use JavaScript as well in the same code mixin both of them. Besides, let's say Typescript is a new programming language and it starts to be important.

Trae Young in Fox Sports

Tray Joung is the guy that could do the same things as Stephen Curry but better. This is his second year in the NBA league and he is taking relevance in his team and the league as well. Something similar to Typescript. Seems he could be the following three-point shooter that rules the league.

Other NBA stars and programming languages

I'm sure you're asking yourself about other greatest NBA stars or programming languages that are not on the list. Well, let me say I couldn't match them in the right way. For example, James Harden, the best attack player in the league, there is no one like him. But, I couldn't find a programming language that fits him. May R be a good option? I don't know but it should be one doing well only one thing.

Anthony Davis, Joel Embid, Russel Westbrook, Devin Booker, etc. There are lots of players and you can complete your list with different alternatives. That's good because we have a different opinion about all of them and we can discuss it and get a conclusion. Share it down in the comments and let's play a good match. Let me enrich this list with all your opinions.

Thanks for reading it and hope you'll enjoy it.

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