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Your bio tho 🤔

Haha, in all reality tho... as a fellow teenager and also someone (for the most part) running their own shop, I’ve also gone back and forth on if it should be “we” or “me”. The thing about my situation is I work under an agency name already, so I find that it’s harder to be personal (i.e. use “me” on the site) since it’s not a personal brand per-say. Atm, I’ve gone super “personal” with the landing page I have setup till I find time to finish my new site; but in the past I have used “we” on the site. Curious to know your thoughts on a situation like mine where someone is already branded under an agency name...


I'd probably leave the shop under a brand name, then add a text to the landing explaining who you are and maybe some kind of "made by a x-year-old" or something on the footer.

People are normally more inclined to help individuals, especially teenagers, than big brands, so you may even see some positive numbers if you do this.

Would be interesting to A/B test it and report the results... :thinking:

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