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Freelance Work - Will it be Right for Me

jakesweb profile image Jacob Colborn ・1 min read

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I have my workspace prepared, well mostly. My desk is cleaned off. I have a clean notebook for notes. I created a new Joplin notebook to take long term notes. I created a directory in Google Drive for the documents I'll need. I think I am ready to finally start freelancing.

There is no telling if this is the right move for me. I will be using this as an opportunity to create some experience and build a decent portfolio/resume for when I start looking for company positions later in my career. Since I am just starting, this will be moonlight work while I maintain my current day job. I hope I can find the right balance between working and family, now that I am adding even more hours, but I was always taught that if you had a dream you had to reach out for it. I hope that I can find that balance.

I just picked up my first client, so I am nervous. I am writing this mainly as a starting point to be able to look back. Maybe I can encourage myself later when it gets hard and I can think back to how idealistic I was. I am dedicated to getting this first project right. I am secure in knowing that I have support from multiple places that can help me if I get in trouble. Let this be log number 1 on my first day as a freelancer.

Thanks for reading, I hope this wasn't rambling or incoherent.

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Nick Young

Good luck!