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Discussion on: Slack Files EU Competition Complaint Against Microsoft

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Jacob Colborn

I first noticed this when I switched a client to Office365 for desktop office installations. I tried to uninstall Teams after a few installs, thinking I messed up the auto-deployment script but it came back every time. Since then I wondered what issues this would cause with this same scenario (resembling their Windows Media Player issues in the EU from about a decade ago).

Now, I like what I have seen from Teams. About 3 or 4 clients my company works with have switched to Teams for their office communication. The integrations are spot on and work great if you are full on Office365 tenet (there are a good bit of issues with integration if you leave Sharepoint or Exchange on-premise), but that does not mean this practice isn't a bit overbearing. It is annoying for me on my home computer, since I have Office365 enterprise license installed, so it force installed Teams. I can definitely see this complaint going in Slacks favor, but I do not think there will be a large market repercussion from it.