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How To Open and Add ICS Files to iPhone Calendar.

Apple not allowing users to directly be able to add a calendar event file(.ics file) from whatever app they received it actually a pain in the ass of many, and i guess you are one of the many, hence your appearance under this article.

However, there is a way around it; Follow these few steps to easily attach your calendar event file to your iPhone Calendar app other than copying the event details one by one.

  1. Attach the .ics file to an email and send(could be to yourself).

  2. Open that email on your iPhone and click that attachment, You will see an option to "Accept", "Maybe" or "Decline" the calendar event to your calendar, Click "Accept" and close the Mail app.

  3. Now open the Calendar app on your iPhone and navigate to the day which the event is supposed to be found, now click on the event if found and repeat the latter actions in step 2.

Boom you are done!!!

I hope this helped, Kindly leave your thoughts, corrections and suggestions in the comments.


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